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        Wenn Ihr Lust habt mir auf meiner Hompeage zu schreiben, bitte... dann ist das der Platz für Euch!!! Viel Spaß




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 Immune Elements

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 Blood Sugar Control

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 Immunity Boostup

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 Body Fat Loss

Just as a car needs grease for the effective functioning of the engine and body parts, the internal organs in the human body require some amount of fats to function effectively. The fats which protect the body from viral diseases and protect the internal organs from bruises are called essential body fats. The additional amount of fats that do not cause any risk to the body and serves as a reservoir of fuel for use by the body is called reserve body fat. Body fats more than storage body fat and reserve body fat are called Excess body fat. In other words, the body does not need this fat at this moment. Women require more body fat than men. A woman typically requires 9 percent body fat while men require 6 percent. Mainly because of the reproduction and other body functions peculiar to the female folks.

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